Mini Digital Poetry Festival (May 2020)

You might remember that we were planning a poetry festival for May 2020 … and (despite everything) we brought you some amazing
poems by some wonderful poets!

On Sunday 17 May, we launched our Sheaf Mini Digital Poetry Festival, sharing a poem every half an hour. If you missed it, you can watch all the readings via the embedded videos below.

12 noon: Welcome from creative director Suzannah Evans

12.30pm: Abbie Neale reads from ‘Threadbare’

1pm: Ben Ray reads from ‘The Kindness of the Eel’

1.30pm: Callan Waldron-Hall reads from ‘Learning to be Very Soft’

2pm: Krystelle Bamford reads for Sheaf Poetry Festival

2.30pm: Claire Cox reads ‘My Brother as a Mezzotint’

3pm: Phoebe Stuckes reads from ‘Platinum Blonde’

3.30pm: Genevieve Carver and the Unsung perform ‘Little Green’

4pm: Caleb Parkin: ‘Garden’, a poem-film

4.30pm: Jonathan Davidson reads from ‘A Commonplace’

5pm: Isabel Galleymore reads from ‘Significant Other’

5.30pm: Will Harris reads from ‘Rendang’

6pm: Abi Palmer reads ‘Sickness’ (from ‘Sanatorium’)

6.30pm: Carrie Etter reads from ‘The Weather in Normal’

and Mina Gorji reads from her collection ‘The Art of Escape’